pijul unrecord

Unapplies a patch from a branch.


pijul unrecord [-h | --help] [-V | --version] [--repository <repository>] [--branch <branch>] <patch>…


Unapplies a patch from a branch of the pristine (defaulting to the current branch if --branch is absent). After calling this command, running pijul record on the same branch will ask to create the same patch again.

This is an essential tool to undo mistakes, and has a variety of other uses. It is used internally to merge remote patches with unrecorded changes when pulling and pushing, for instance.


pijul unrecord AfcVxwCRgKbf-aCS0wOuXAekoRNl9xIGM-_0A_KzgZPEZ_55-5klp15WWTjFRtLVDlacWDAas11yrROdlyU11i8


  • -h, --help

    Print a help message and exit.

  • -V, --version

    Print the version of Pijul and exit.

  • --repository <repository>

    Don't run this command in the current directory, run it in <repository> instead.

  • --branch <branch>

    Unrecord on branch <branch> instead of the current branch (the default).

  • <patch>…

    A list of patch hashes to unrecord. Pijul will ask interactively which patches to unrecord if and only if this list is empty.