pijul record

Creates a new change


    pijul record [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [PREFIXES]...



Paths in which to record the changes


-a, --all

Record all paths that have changed

-h, --help

Print help information


Ignore missing (deleted) files

-V, --version

Print version information


--amend <AMEND>

        Amend this change instead of creating a new change

--author <AUTHOR>

        Set the author field

--channel <CHANNEL>

        Record the change in this channel instead of the current channel

-m, --message <MESSAGE>

        Set the change message

--repository <REPO_PATH>

        Set the repository where this command should run. Defaults to the first ancestor of the
        current directory that contains a `.pijul` directory

--timestamp <TIMESTAMP>

        Set the timestamp field

--working-copy <WORKING_COPY>