pijul mv

Move and rename files and directories


pijul mv [-h | --help] [-V | --version] [--repository <repository>] <files>…


Move and/or rename files and directories. The files listed in <files> must all be in the tree. <files> must contain at least two paths.

If <files> contains exactly two paths, and the second path is an existing directory, the first file or directory is moved to the second one. If the second path is not an existing directory, the name of the first file or directory is changed to the second one.

If <files> contains n > 2 paths, the last path must be an existing directory, and the first n - 1 files or directories are moved to the last path.


pijul mv a b


  • -h, --help

    Print a help message and exit.

  • -V, --version

    Print the version of Pijul and exit.

  • --repository <repository>

    Don't run this command in the current directory, run it in <repository> instead.

  • <files>…

    List of at least two paths, as explained in the description above.