pijul dist

Creates an archive of the repository


pijul dist [-h | --help] [-V | --version] [--repository <repository>] [--branch <branch>] [-s | --stdout] -d <archive>


Creates a gzipped tarball of all the files in branch <branch> (or in the current branch if --branch is missing), and save the result in a file named <archive>.tar.gz.


The following produces a file named "pijul-0.8.0.tar.gz":

pijul dist -d pijul-0.8.0


  • -h, --help

    Print a help message and exit.

  • -s, --stdout

    Outputs the resulting archive (in binary) to stdout.

  • -V, --version

    Print the version of Pijul and exit.

  • --repository <repository>

    Don't run this command in the current directory, run it in <repository> instead.

  • --branch <branch>

    Fork branch <branch> instead of the current branch (the default).

  • -d <archive>

    Basename of the archive, without the .tar.gz extension.