pijul add

Add files and directories to the tree


pijul add [-h | --help] [--recursive] [-V | --version] [--repository <repository>] [<file>…]


Adds directories and files to the tree, which is the set of files currently tracked by Pijul.

The tree's structure is supposed to mirror almost exactly the filesystem, with a few extra bits of information to synchronise it with the pristine.


When starting a Rust project, it is common to add Cargo.toml and src/lib.rs from the repository root:

pijul add Cargo.toml src/lib.rs


  • -h, --help

    Print a help message and exit.

  • --recursive

    Recursively add all the files in the directories in argument <file>…

  • -V, --version

    Print the version of Pijul and exit.

  • --repository <repository>

    Don't run this command in the current directory, run it in <repository> instead.

  • <file>…

    A list of files to add to the tree.